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Alien Invaders


This is a very simple 'Space Invaders' type game written to test out Blitz Basic when it was first released. This is a 'Basic' type compiled language with a range of extensions added to enable the easy production of games within the 'Windows' environment. I spent a while playing around with it, creating various demos and intending to use it for games production. 


However, it is still a fairly low level language compared to modern computer languages, even though it does include some 'C' type constructs and extensions and I found I never really had the time to produce what I wanted to.


This little game (more of a demo really) is thus provided simply as a distraction.


Download the zip file and create or choose a directory to unzip all the contents. Then simply run the 'Alien Invader.exe' file within that directory and the programme will run. It won't provide more than a minute or two of 'fun' as it is extremely simple and rather limited but demonstrates everything you would need to do to create a '2d' game within Windows. That is: Movement of the player entity, enemies, 'bullets', collision detection, scoring etc.



You can download the game here:  Alien Invaders

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