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Irene Astral


Irene is an uber talented Greek cosplayer, model, maker, singer and sportswoman. She is the Greek Ambassador for Super Cosplay Girls helping to showcase the work of Greek cosplayers worldwide. She has only been cosplaying since 2013, although she has been creating clothes and accessories since a young age. In less than a year she has participated in more than 10 high profile events, workshops and fashion shows, making an immediate impact on the Greek cosplay scene. She is a member of Ritterhellas, a Greek Medieval re-enactment tream and has attended events with them such as the re-enactment of the naval battle of Lepanto and events in Chlemoutsi Castle. She has also been a member of Umbrella Greek Division, a Greek Resident Evil re-enactment group.

Irene was a guest cosplayer at D'n'D 5th edition gameday, she was chosen to participate in Greece's first fantasy related festival (The way to Φantasticon) where she was present in costume, headlined in the live concert (closing ceremony) and presented a workshop where she created fantasy themed jewellery, together with an exhibition. She participated in 'Lord of the Rings Athens Day' as a performer (singing and cosplay performance) and appeared in the event's ad spot as Galadriel in a costume she made herself.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkrfxDOmdps and a report on the event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=904n8VGDvX8

Irene creates every costume and accessory that features in her cosplay and also for many of her other photoshoots. She is also a professional make-up artist and jewel/accessory designer under her own brand AstralWork Creations She is also a designer able to create original character and conceptual designs.

If all this wasn't enough Irene has been a student of classical singing since 2009, but involved with music since the age of 9. One of her main goals is to combine her singing skills with her modelling, cosplay and re-enactment skills, creating covers of popular movie and videogame soundtracks whilst in costume. Creating video clips is something she always looks forward to. Since starting to cosplay, Irene has been involved with some of Greece's largest gaming and fantasy events, it would be wonderful to see her at some UK cons, so why not ask your favourite con organisers to invite her over as a cosplay/maker guest.

Irene also happens to be an accomplished downhill skier having placed highly in the Greek National championships (like I said, an uber talented lady) and she is also a fashion model. She is represented in the UK by the Diamonds and Feathers modelling agency.


Here are some shots of Irene in action, all images copyright of the respective photographer.






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