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Lucy Saxon


A regular on the Con scene, almost always in cosplay, Lucy is a young writer making waves in the Young Adult market. Her first book, 'Take Back the Skies' , set in the world of Tellus, was very well received and created a fair bit of press coverage. This was just the first in a series and Lucy is hard at work on the next book, though she still finds time to cosplay and attend cons. We asked her to tell us a bit about herself.


Writing for me was something I didn’t realise I wanted to do until I’d started doing it. I started out writing fanfiction when I was about thirteen or so, and up until that point I’d never even considered creative writing outside of schoolwork. But after I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at the age of twelve, I suddenly had an enormous amount of free time in front of me that I didn’t know what to do with. After I’d exhausted the routes of endless reading, and television, and staring at the ceiling in the hopes of feeling well enough to actually do something, I stumbled across a little site called Fanfiction.net that changed my life.

Discovering the world of fandom and fanfiction gave me a whole new life on the internet. There I could talk about my favourite books and TV shows and films for hour on end, far longer and more in depth than I could with anyone at school. I could read about my favourite characters doing things they never would have dreamed of in canon — and eventually write about those characters. I wrote fanfiction for about two years, steadily developing my writing abilities and falling more in love with the act of creative writing, before I decided to try my hand at original fiction. I still wrote fanfiction — I only gave that up after I got my book deal, upon deciding that I should probably devote my writing time to things I was actually being paid to write — but I realised how much fun it was creating my own characters and world and plotlines, and that was that; I was hooked.

It was through fanfiction as well that I started going to conventions, and through that started cosplaying. A couple of friends I’d made online through fanfic were going to a Torchwood convention and urged me to come along, and I did so (bringing my mum with me, as I was only fourteen at the time!). They introduced me to cons and cosplay, and before I knew it I was going to five or six conventions a year.

Cosplay is similar to writing for me in that it’s a creative outlet, and a way to challenge myself and develop skills. I’ve met so many amazing friends through cosplay, and become a much more confident person; getting compliments on something you slaved away to make can do wonders for your self-esteem!

Probably my favourite character to cosplay is my female version of Captain America; both for the amount of love and work that went into the costume, and my love for the character itself. I was properly introduced to Captain America in The First Avenger, but as I grew attached to the character I started checking out the comics and the backstory and connected with him even more. I get such a great reaction from other people at conventions when I wear Cap, which is always an awesome feeling as a cosplayer.

While I’m very lucky to have a career that allows me to spend most of my time at home, it can cause some issues with time management. I tend to overload my schedule, both with writing and cosplay, because I feel like I have so much free time on my hands. Obviously writing is always the priority, but when I end up with three costumes to make in a month because I just couldn’t help myself, that’s when it becomes a problem! Luckily right now the rest of the Tellus series is going fairly to schedule, with my second book The Almost King due out in June, and the third book already underway. Now all I have to do is finish my cosplays in time for LSCC and I’ll be happy! (And already moving on to the next few costumes… it’s an addiction, but it’s a harmless one!)

Website: www.lucysaxon.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LucySaxonCosplay

Twitter: @Lucy_Saxon

Tumblr: Lucysaxonbooks.tumblr.com


Here are some shots of Lucy in cosplay - all images copyright of the respective photographer





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