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Tiny Tigress Cosplay


We asked Tiny Tigress Cosplay to tell us a bit about herself:

I’m a cosplayer living in Scotland and I was always a complete geek even before I started cosplaying. I grew up on Nintendo games, comics and cartoons about comics, and in my professional job I’m a scientist. I also write for various comics and games websites with news, interviews and articles. Through my writing I’ve gotten to meet some amazing people, including Mark Millar, and it was thanks to him I did my Hit-Girl cosplay. I’m also a martial artist that trains in and teaches Shodokan Aikido, and I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world competing for my country at international competitions. I was even on Ninja Warrior!

I’d bought or modified a couple of costumes over the years, but what really got me into cosplay was when my boyfriend bought me a ticket to the Zelda Symphony concert, so I decided to make an outfit for it. After making my Link costume, I found that I caught the cosplay bug and have been making costumes and going to conventions since. 

I love cosplaying because it’s a great way to help with my confidence issues and a way to express my love of certain characters. I am a massive Marvel and Nintendo fan girl! It’s a great feeling when you work hard on a costume, and people recognise who it’s supposed to be and want photos with you; even better is when the kids get really excited to see you (I once had a kid shout ‘That’s not a toy, that’s the real thing!’ when I was dressed as Thor, including the hammer.

I love conventions because I get to hang out with like-minded people who are into all the same geeky things as me, and we can chat about them for ages over a pint, as well as all the cool art and people you get to meet there. I’m always learning new things with each project I do, and I have an endless list of what I’m going to make next!


Tiny Tigress facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/tinytigresscosplay/

                  twitter - https://twitter.com/AikiSaul

 and a blog - https://loujsaul.wordpress.com/   




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