Who are Geekzania?


Geekzania is an offshoot of Pinupzania set up because we realised that a lot of what we enjoy doesn't really fit properly into a 'Pin Up' theme. For instance we attend and trade at a lot of cons but found that we were selling more than Pin Up related merchandise so that having a stall solely under the Pinupzania brand no longer makes perfect sense.

Hence Geekzania to celebrate all things geeky with pride.

The brains behind both Pinupzania and Geekzania is a photographer, Stuart Runham - Stuart has been a full time freelance since 2009 and has worked with everyone from large commercial companies, to Local Councils, Theatres, fashion designers, jewellery and accessory designers, models, actresses, singers, bands and more and is widely, Internationally published.

Stuart is though a huge Geek (and proud of it) - as well as a photographer he is a fully qualified Aeronautical Engineer, has been a full member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and was a National level Expert in the arena of air vehicle flight control. Before taking up photography full time he spent 20 years working in Military flight test, aircraft design and research, providing advice to both the UK and allied Governments and representing the UK on a number of International research programmes. He is an expert coder in numerous languages all the way from Coral66 through to Ruby and has produced software for flight simulators as well as aircraft flight control systems. He loves everything comic book, Sci-Fi and fantasy and has been playing (and writing) computer games since the days of the ZX81. 

Geekzania, and this site, will include a bit of everything that he loves - it will feature photo galleries of both his work and photographers he admires, from pin up to cosplay and fantasy - we'll have features on popular pin up and cosplay models and you'll have the chance to get hold of signed prints of your favourites.

We'll have a feature on producing your own computer games, with tutorials to get you started.

We'll be covering both the cons we attend and have reviews of those we can't make as well and will have tutorials on producing your own cosplay outfits and props. 

We'll also be designing, producing and selling a range of exclusive and original t-shirts inspired by almost anything from pop culture, though we'll also be licencing art work from some of our favourite pin up artists as well as featuring our own pin up art.

As well as being available from our online store, which will also now sell all our Pinupzania merchandise, we'll be selling at a number of cons and events so keep an eye out for us.



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