The Annual Geekzania Cosplay Awards

Annual Cosplay Awards

The Annual Geekzania Cosplay Awards


We are very happy to announce the first Annual Geekzania Cosplay Awards. These will be held each year going on.


Nominations are now open for the following categories:


Adult Cosplayer (over 18)

Youth Cosplayer (under 18) - permission should be gained from a Parent/Guardian to enter.

Cosplay Celebrity (a well known and/or pro cosplayer)

Prop Maker

Costume Maker

Large Con/Event

Small/Medium Con/Event

Fan Group


To nominate someone in any of the cateogories please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with 'Cosplay Awards' as the subject and say who you are nominating in which cateogry and why you are nominating them.


Nominations will be open until the end of June 2016.


As we don't want this simply to be a contest about who can generate the most votes or who has the most fans, but we also recognise that popularity is a valid measure, we will have both a 'fan' voted award and a 'judged' award so you don't need to have zillions of fans to be in with a chance of winning.


Judging/voting will take place in July with the winners announced at the end of July 2016.


People can be nominated in more than one category, e.g. Adult cosplayer and prop maker but we reserve the right to exclude nominations we don't consider valid or to move a nomination to a more appropriate category. The results, once announced will be final.


Winners will be featured on our website, on our blog and social media and we'll also have some prizes including t-shirts, photo shoots with a large print etc.



£ 14.50 each
£ 14.50 each
£ 14.50 each
£ 14.50 each
£ 14.50 each

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